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ALL INDIA MARRIAGE CO-ORDINATION CENTRE, our Marriage Bureau was established in the year 1984 to help Indian citizens to find Grooms and Brides of their choice at a nominal fees. In fact, we have earned a flawless reputation of being a most trust worthy Marriage Bureau of Kolkata. Since the present generation needs everything online due to hectic work schedule, we have decided to switch over the Match Making process online so that you can search for your desired Grooms/Brides by sitting in front of your Computer Table at home/office comforts wherever you may be.

Our Submit Profile will help you to place your Bio-data free of cost on our Website: vivahajog.com for a specific time of your choice. You can choose from any one of the categories of our service and make payment of Submit Profile fees to place your Bio-data free on our website. This service is available to all caste and religions of India and Indians staying or settled Abroad.

When you subscribe for a Submit Profile on online/offline, it is understood that you have personally visited vivahajog.com website and studied thoroughly all the pages on this site and understood the contents as mentioned therein relating to our terms of services, failing which, you will be exclusively held responsible for any loss, damage/s and/or any other consequences if arises thereafter, which please note.

Also visit www.bibahajog.com for Free information of Grooms & Brides.

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